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  Born in Oxford, England, Rosalyn immigrated to Canada then to the US. She is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, with a bachelors degree in Medical Microbiology and is a licensed Medical Technologist registered with American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Along with her husband, Ted, she served over 29 years at Salvation Army Hospitals in India, where they also raised their two sons.
   Rosalyn is a self taught artist, having no formal training. She started painting early in life, but had little opportunity to paint while in India. She seriously returned to painting in 2008. Rosalyn paints mostly in oils, though she has ventured some into watercolors and acrylics recently.  
  Rosalyn enjoys painting God’s creation as seen in nature, both Landscapes and Seascapes. After spending time in four different countries she has lots of material to glean from for her paintings.  Some of her subjects are from photos taken over the years, others are composed from a composite of various scenes that come to mind.  She finds painting very relaxing.
  In 2010, Rosalyn began painting animal portraits, and is regularly commissioned to capture the likeness of beloved pets. There are a few examples in her Pet Portrait Gallery.
  While now retired in Southern California, the Mahr's continue to support The Salvation Army’s International services with the donation of a percentage of ALL art sales.
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